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If you need a vacation but don’t want to break the bank, consider staying within the bounds of New York City. There are many incredible things to do that don’t require you to go anywhere. You can find a beach getaway, a European escape, or more adventures within the city.


The Botanical Garden

If you’re a fan of nature, then the New York Botanical Gardens may be what you’re looking for. The 250-acre facility features plants and flowers from various countries.


The Frying Pan

Located in New York City’s Hudson River is the historic Frying Pan. The Maritime Bar & Grill at Pier 66 is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys good food and authentic Cape Cod dishes. The food at this establishment is simple and delicious: deep-fried chicken tenders, lobster bakes, and potato and shrimp dishes.


Arthur Avenue

Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys good food and authentic Italian dishes. This neighborhood is filled with bakeries, cheese shops, and restaurants that serve up a variety of Italian clichés. The best part about this area is that it’s a local secret, which means you can enjoy the neighborhood’s ambiance without the tourists.


Rockaway Beach

The summer season in New York City is a great time to visit the beautiful beaches of New York’s Rockaway Beach. This area is perfect for locals and tourists because it’s the only beach in the city that allows certain activities, such as surfing.


La Scuola

If you’re a fan of Italian food and want to learn how to prepare different pasta dishes, then La Scuola is the place for you. This restaurant is located in the heart of Manhattan and features a variety of Italian products. Its cooking classes are designed to give you a deeper understanding of Italian cooking.


Metropolitan Opera House

If you’re a passionate opera lover, you’ll want to attend one of the many performances at the Metropolitan Opera House. This famous opera house produces works in various languages, including Italian and French.


Mandarin Oriental

One of the most important reasons why a staycation in New York City is worth considering is the luxurious services the Mandarin Oriental offers. This hotel features various spa days designed to provide guests with a relaxing and personalized experience.