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Gregg Reuben

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About Gregg Reuben

Gregg Reuben is a highly successful entrepreneur who lives and works in New York City. Reuben is the proud owner of CenterPark, a parking management company that is committed to providing eco-friendly parking options across the tri state area. Reuben gained experience through working with several prominent parking management companies including ABM Industries and Autofair America. Reuben immediately knew that this was the industry for him, and he has certainly made the most of it!

Gregg Reuben took the knowledge and experience from those companies and founded his own: Alliance Parking. Alliance Parking saw such success that Reuben went on to found two more parking companies: IntelliPark and CenterPark. Reuben has big dreams for both companies and is looking forward to seeing his parking lots in gateway cities in and around the tri state area within the next seven to ten years. CenterPark specializes in providing eco-friendly options for parking as well as positioning parking properties in gateway cities. IntelliPark seves as  the technology and advisory company to CenterPark.

Through his work, Gregg Reuben has gained innumerable skills. These include but are not limited to project management, facilities management, budgets and bidding, commercial real estate and marketing. If you ask any of Reuben’s colleagues, they will tell you that the key to his success is his dedication and passion.

When Gregg Reuben is not committing his time to his businesses, he is an avid traveler. Reuben loves to travel with his family, consisting of three young kids and his wife. Reuben believes that the more you travel, the more well-rounded you become, and he has committed to making that happen for his kids. Reuben has plans to visit every large city in the world! While the COVID-19 pandemic has put a small dent in his plans, Reuben plans to pick back up on his travel plans as soon as possible. 

When not working or traveling, you can find Gregg Reuben spending time with community members, specifically young Jewish members. The Lost Tribe Esports is an organization that works to bring Jewish youth together through gaming. Reuben is proud to serve on their Board of Directors and has held this role since 2019. Reuben also commits his time to The UJA Federation’s Young Leadership Roundtable and the National Parking Association.

Gregg Reuben is a well-rounded, successful, and driven entrepreneur. Reuben has founded several very successful companies and is looking forward to seeing CenterPark grow and expand!

Gregg Reuben