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AirBnBs and home swapping have become quite a popular option for travelers looking to get the experience of a new locale. The excitement and considerable thrill around AirBnBs can be attributed to the added alternatives to people seeking accommodation. Whether one chooses to book a hotel or get settled in an AirBnB or a home swap setup, there are pros and cons to either of the options, and the final choice comes down to one’s preferences.

Depending on the depth and intensity of the experience someone may be looking for when they visit a new place, staying in either an Airbnb or a hotel may work to satisfy that. While hotels are usually centrally placed and close to amenities like tourist sites and transport routes, they, in a way, deny the traveler the experience of feeling as though they’re truly part of the locals. For AirBnBs and home swaps, on the other hand, they make for the closest thing one can get when looking to truly blend into the place they’re visiting.

AirBnBs are cost-effective when people are traveling in groups on matters of cost. Though the group of travelers may have to contend with working on regular house chores like cleaning and attending to their meals. Depending on the nature and style of the Airbnb accommodation, a group may be in for a treat with a wide range of house designs and setups. In fairness to hotels, there exist several uniquely designed options, but a group of travelers would have to abide by the rules and regulations that govern the hotel.

For short stays of about a day or two, hotels are a good fit for individual and group travelers. By freeing up more time that would have otherwise been used for attending to chores in an Airbnb, staying in a hotel opens up one’s schedule to experience a new environment with limited time to spare. In contrast, AirBnBs are the ultimate cost-effective accommodation option for relatively longer stays.

With housekeeping and professionally prepared meals available on call, hotels are the obvious go-to when someone is traveling and looking for a truly luxurious experience. Even though some AirBnBs have these offerings within the Airbnb Luxe package, they can be considered to be slightly behind those offered by four and five-star rated hotels.