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Cars and airplanes may be the two most popular forms of travel to get across the United States, but there is just something magical about taking a train. Traveling by train allows you to experience beautiful parts of the country without worrying about navigating on the road. This lets you see things that would have easily been missed when using other forms of travel. These are the four things you need to consider before traveling by train.


Pack Comfort Items

You will likely be spending several hours on the train. Make sure you stay comfortable the entire time by packing the right items in your carry-on bag. A small pillow can come in handy for a quick nap. The train cars tend to be on the chilly side, so a blanket or small jacket is recommended. You are also allowed to bring snacks and drinks when traveling by train.


Expect Some Delays

Passenger trains share the same rail system as freight trains. Since these freight trains are hauling important goods, they are given priority on the rails. This means you should always expect a minor delay during your train trip, especially if you are traveling across the country. The delays usually are not that long, but it is still a good idea to keep your schedule as open as possible.


Take Advantage of Amenities

Train rides are a completely unique experience, so you need to take full advantage of the entire thing. Talk to your fellow passengers and enjoy a nice drink in the bar car. Eat a delicious meal in the dining car on long trips. You must also make a stop in the dome car that features seats facing the windows to make it easier to enjoy the wonderful views outside.


Check Important Bags

Every passenger is allowed two free bags when they book a train ticket. You can choose to either check the bags into the storage container or maintain possession of them throughout the trip. This decision is generally made by personal preference, but you may want to consider checking at least one bag on long trips. Toting bags around the train can be a little cumbersome. You will need to arrive 45 minutes early in order to check baggage.